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Custom Framing and Ready to Hang Framed Artworks in San Bruno
Bruno's Gallery offers custom picture framing, our large collection of ready to hang framed art and occasional selections of artworks from popular SF Bay Area artists.
The 3rd Millennium Collection is available at our brick and mortar gallery located at 540 San Mateo Ave. in beautiful downtown San Bruno California.

Pick from our wide selection of materials with the help of our professional framers for your next custom framing job.

Our professional framers can help you realize your vision of the perfect mat and frame for your artwork or family heirloom.

We are specialists at advanced framing jobs with double and triple cut mats, fabric wrapped mats and filleted mats and frames.



If you are looking for ready to hang artwork or a great full service custom framing shop in the San Bruno/Penninsula area Bruno's Gallery is here to serve you.

We offer top quality professional custom framing services for all of you personal art treasures. Protect your valuable momentos with a custom frame so they can be enjoyed by your family for years to come!!!

Affordable Framing in Newark
Custom framing services for your art work...

3rd Millennium Framing located at Sycamore and Thornton St's in Newark CA has been serving Newark's custom framing needs for 25 years. We do the work on site and are committed to producing high quality work for reasonable prices.

Our professional custom framers will help you create a design to complement your décor, allowing you to suit your personal tastes and the essence of your art. We will give you as much artistic advice as you want. Or... we'll stand back and let you make the decisions. Either way, you can be sure that your art is framed in a way that will look great for years to come.

3rd Millennium Gallery has a selection of ready to hang artwork that allows decorating with high quality professionally framed artworks on a budget.

Framed Art is a great gift! Custom framed pictures for friends and family is a great gift giving idea that's sure to please even those difficult to shop for gift recipients. Everyone has a special photo or other keepsake they've meant to have framed... Getting a custom frame to match may be the best gift of the season.

We enjoy working with artists... Whether it is one piece or a full exhibit, we take great pride in helping artists to move their work from the easel to the wall. We offer a discount to working artists who are framing for exhibit or sale. We look forward to helping you find more cost effective and attractive ways to present your work.

Custom framing can be a creative experience!!!!!
Here is a brief discussion of some of the unlimited possibilities that are available to you...


The frame serves both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. It protects, supports and displays the artwork while helping to integrate it into its surrounding environment. There are literally thousands of frame styles and mat combinations available.


The primary purpose of a mat is to create breathing space between the artwork and the glass. The art must not come in contact with the glazing material.

Aesthetically the decorative potential of the mat is limitless, the many colors and textures along with all of the specialty mat cuts, filleting and a wide variety of fabrics for hand-wrapped mats.

Regular or paper matboard will, over time, turn yellow and stain artwork with the acids present in the board.

We recommend that only 100% rag board or 100% Acid-Free matboard be used in the preservation of your artwork. Rag board is archival museum grade, the highest quality matboard available.


Fillets are thin, decorative pieces of moulding designed to be added to frames, mats and to be combined with other fillets.

We offer fillets in a wide variety of finishes and styles. Sometimes fillets are matched to a particular moulding but most often are offered to complement the wide variety of moulding styles and finishes.

When used in the frame itself, fillets allow you to personalize your framing by adding a touch of gold or a trace of mahogany. Fillets can also enhance the presentation by creating a boundary between the mat and the art.

Fillets are wonderful for larger mats as they allow the designer to reprise the frame color, style or pattern next to the artwork. In combination the use of fillets adds color highlights and drama to a framed piece. The finishing touch!


Glazing is an important part of a framing job. It protects artwork from dust, moisture and other airborne contaminants. While glazing serves as a protective barrier, it should never be in direct contact with the artwork. Any condensation on the inside will be transferred to the artwork and cause damage due to mold and mildew. In addition, over time photographs in direct contact with glazing will adhere making it impossible for them to be removed.

There are two categories of glazing materials available, glass and plexiglass, and in each category a few additional options.

Glass is common but... plexiglass has it's advantages. Plexiglass is both lightweight and shatter-resistant so if your art will be hanging in a kid's room or a high-traffic area this is a good choice. Plexiglass is also generally advisable in the Bay Area due to the possibility of earthquakes. It is also best for shipping.

Two things to consider in your glazing decisions are the level of protection and aesthetics. Some locations will be prone to surface glare and a non-glare glazing material should be used. If your artwork will be hanging near a light source, incandescent, florescent, or natural window light, we recommend using a UV cut glazing material.

UV cut materials will also prevent fading, discoloration, and other deterioration of the artwork. You may also want to consider one of our non-glare reflection-control glazings as they can be very effective in the reduction of surface glare.

Bruno's Gallery

Affordable Framing in Newark

Custom framing can be a creative experience!!!!!


The biggest selection of matboard, colors,paper mat, acid free mat,suedes,classics metals nad much more.


Very excited finishes on mouldings,ready made frames, finish corners,


Universal Framing
A wide selection of moldings ready for assembly into a frame to compliment your decor.

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